Your Daily Speed Scrap Appointment!

Hi Girls!!!

Hope you all had a Wonderful weekend!!! I know sometimes it can be hard to start another week, but I have great news for all of you!! Since Gingerscrap is back online, Speed Scraps are back and with them lots of fun!! So, here I am with a little remind... Here's the Speed Scrap schedule for the rest of the week:

Mon Oct 19 - Adriana
4pm PDT
5pm MDT
6pm CDT
7pm EDT
1am next day CEST

Tues Oct 20

Wed Oct 21- Barbara
5pm EDT
6pm MDT
7pm CDT
8pm EDT
2am next day CEST

Thurs Oct 22 - Char & Laura
9pm PDT
10pm MDT
11pm CDT
12am next day EDT
6am next day CEST

Fri Oct 23 - Jane
11am PDT
12pm MDT
1pm CDT
2pm EDT
8pm CEST

Sat Oct 24

Sun Oct 25 - Jillian
12pm PDT
1pm MDT
2pm CDT
3pm EDT
8pm CET

Today is 4PM PDT... Don't miss it, girls!!!!
Remember to keep checking back for changes or updates, there may be some!

Don't forget to come back here to Angie tomorrow!!
Happy Scrapping girls, and hope you all have a very special Monday.


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