New Glitter Goodies!

Hello Blog Readers!! I have three new goodies for you this week and a sale!

First up, I have a Mega Glitter Pack containing 15 glitter styles! There are some solid colors and some multi colored glitters. This pack has been tested in Photoshop CS and up as well as in Photoshop Elements 5 and up. Installation instructions are included. This glitter pack is also licensed for Commercial Use!

Are you addicted to glitter? Have you ever wanted your own customized blend? Well look no further. Beginning July 1st at the Gingerscraps store, you can purchase my Customized Glitter Styles! You will receive 8 custom made glitter styles - 1 ASL file for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users and 8 12x12 PNG Glitter Sheets for use in all other programs. On July 1st, head over to Gingerscraps to check out all the details!

Next I have a glitter pack addition to my previously released kit, Woodland Park Zoo. There are 6 personal use glitters that coordinate with the kit. As with all of my glitters, these have been tested in Photoshop CS and up as well as in Photoshop Elements 5 and up.

While you're browsing my glitters, check out the rest of them in the Gingerscraps store!
I have coordinating glitters for In the Pink Spotlight, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, and Romantical.

And from July 1st through July 5th, all of my Glitters are 10% off!! This includes my CU Mega Glitter Pack too!! (Custom Made glitters are NOT on sale)

So pop over to my store at Gingerscraps to pick up one or all of these glitters :)


Scrapping Survivor!


Winner From The Weekend Challenge and Some Tuesday Trivia!

Well...we had one entry for the weekend guess what? LORRY you WIN!! Here's the winning layout! Click it to go leave her some love!
And here's what you won...You won a gift card to pick up Misty's Newest Template Pack "Action Series" from her store!! Yay! Can't wait to see what you make with them! Check your email for the code!

And NOW....on to the TUESDAY TRIVIA!!

Are you ready for some Tuesday Trivia?

Can you guess the 5 movies these 5 quotes come from? AND tell me what they all have in common?

1. “There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child.”

2. “Oh, no...Oh, maybe he can help me! He's shooting at me! Why is he shooting at me!”

3. “You got a problem, buddy? Huh? Huh? Do 'ya? Do 'ya? Do 'ya? You want a piece of me? Yeah, oooh, I'm scared now. Whaat!?”

4. “You can tell a lot about a woman by the contents
of her purse, but maybe that's not what you had in mind.”

5. “This much I knew: if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.”

Okay…now that you have the list here’s the rules! Please email your guesses to (please put Tuesday Trivia as the email subject). You have until Midnight CDT tonight to get your list to me (10 pm PDT, 11 pm MDT, 12 am CDT, 1 am EDT) …and then I will choose a random winner from all the correct lists to win a $2 gift card to Misty’s Shop! So get to guessing! (I will probably post the winner sometime on Thursday!)


Monday Already?!

Hey all! I can't believe that its Monday already! The weekend FLEW by! I'm here to post my weekly reminders about speed scraps too! Tonight our very own Misty O'Brien is hosting at 9 pm PDT (12 midnight EDT)! She always does an amazing job hosting so I hope you can make it! Then tomorrow, Charmaine is hosting her SS at 4 pm EDT. You can click here to go straight to the Gingerscraps forum to sign up!
Lets see...oh yea! We had an awesome weekend challenge. You still have until 9 pm PDT tonight to get those layouts in! All you need are the following included for your chance to win!
- 2 Misty O Brien items (paper, elements, templates)
- Colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black- Must use one of these colors as a background and one of these colors in an element.
Be sure to check out Misty's Store for some freebies to help you out! Then just create, host in one of your scrap galleries and post a link to it in the THIS post and well announce the winner sometime tomorrow! Can't wait to see the layouts ladies!
Well, I think that's it for me today! I'll be back later this week to fill you in on the rest of the Speed Scraps and I think there's a NEW HUGE Blog Train coming out soon!! See you then!


Weekend Blog Challenge

** If you are here for the "In the Pink Spotlight" blog train, please scroll down**

We hope that everyone enjoyed the blog train and had a great week. Now, are you ready to win some more prizes? For this week's blog challenge, we will be looking for layouts created with the following instructions in mind:

- 2 Misty O Brien items (paper, elements, templates)
- Colors: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black- Must use one of these colors as a background and one of these colors in an element

Remember to check Misty's store and the latest blog train for freebies that can be used in this challenge. The same rules apply from last week. Links to layouts must be posted in the comments section by Monday 9 pm PST to be considered. Winner(s) will be announced by Christy on Tuesday for a surprise prize from Misty's store. The number of winners will depend on the number of layouts submitted so spread the word! You are allowed to submit as many original layouts that are created for this challenge. We can't wait to see those layouts!


Blog Train! In the Pink Spotlight! Freebies!

Welcome to the blog train station. This is your first stop.

If you stop at all of the blogs on the train, you will have picked up 8 12x12 quick pages and one coordinating alpha for my kit, In the Pink Spotlight. This kit is available in the Gingerscraps store, and my blog readers can get it now for 25% off through June 29th - that makes it only $2.25! Just enter discount code MOBlogDiscount1 at checkout!

Here is the coordinating Alpha.

Get it for free in the Gingerscraps Store starting July 1st!

Then head over to Marie's Blog to pick up your next freebie!


Tuesday Trivia Winner!!

The answer is: 50 First Dates...and the two leading actor(actresses) is Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore!! This is a great movie if you haven't seen it! :)

I had three people e-mail me with the correct answers!! And these three people are:

1. Lorry
2. Jodie
3. Sica

After a run through the winner is...

JODIE!! your email for your code for the $2 gift card! :)

Come back next Tuesday for another chance to win!! Maybe next week we can get at least 5 people guessing!! (that's a challenge everyone!) :)


The Weekend Challenge Winner And It's Tuesday Trivia Time!! :)

So we had two great entries for the weekend challenge!! Thank you Tess and Lorry for playing along with us! Both your layouts were really great!! And we had a hard time choosing a I just numbered your layouts and ran it through the winner is...Lorry!!
Here's her layout: (it's linked to the click it and leave her some love!)

Thank you for playing! Lorry watch your Gingerscraps inbox for your code to get Misty's Awesome Templates!!

Now...Who's ready to win a $2 Gift Card to Misty's GingerScraps shop? Are you ready for some Tuesday Trivia? Today we’re going to have a Movie Question!!

I’m going to give you a quote from a movie, and I’d like you to give me the name of the movie and the two leading actors/actresses who play in the movie.

You’re movie line is: “l don't know how you get me to fall for that egg-shaped head every morning.”

Okay…now here’s the rules! Please email your guesses to (please put Tuesday Trivia as the email subject). You have until Midnight CST tonight to get your guesses to me (10 pm PST, 11 pm MST, 12 am CST, 1 am EST) …and then I will choose a random winner from all the correct lists to win a $2 gift card to Misty’s Shop! So get to guessing! (I will probably post the winner sometime on Wednesday!)
And don't forget about the "In the Pink Spotlight" Quick Page Blog Train from Misty's CT! :)


Monday Again!

Happy Monday again everyone! Just wanted to pop in quickly and let you know the schedule for the Speed Scraps at Gingerscraps this week!

They are TONS of fun so hurry up and join one today! Also, someone will be back later on today to announce the winner of our weekend Challenge!


Win a Prize- The Weekend Blog Challenge

With the updated blog, we've also started a weekend blog challenge. Every weekend, we will provide some instruction for a layout. Link your layout to the blog by Monday evening 9 pm PST. At least one winner will be chosen per week.

Your weekend blog challenge for this week is to create a layout with the following items. Please link your layouts in the comments section and tell us what you used. A winner will be selected and announced by Christie on Tuesday. The winner will win BOTH the Mix It Up Templates and the Restoration Templates for FREE! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Your layout should include:
- 1 piece of Misty O Brien paper
- 2 Misty O Brien items
Hint: No purchase necessary. Check out Misty's store for some freebies in case you haven't had a chance to work with her product before

Have a fun and scrappy weekend!



Can we believe that it's Friday again?! Where did this week go? If you're looking for some fun this weekend, keep your eyes peeled to this blog for the chance to win a prize! Tara will be here soon for a weekend challenge.

In other news, if you completed GingerScraps boot camp and are ready for the next challenge, don't forget to sign up HERE for official officer's training school to continue your training! Your first assignment starts on June 21st so don't delay!

It's summer time and nothing says summer time than the sand between your toes. Becka created a beautiful layout this week using Misty's It's 5 O Clock Somewhere kit. LOVE all the squares on it. Click on the layout to leave her some love!


The Tuesday Trivia Winner Is...

I had three people send in three correct guesses for the Tuesday Trivia...these three people are:

1. Jodie
2. Belle
3. Sica

After running it through winner is...


Sica - watch your email for your $2 Gift Card Code! :)

Come back next Tuesday for another Tuesday Trivia!


Action Series Templates

Brand new to the Gingerscraps store this week, a set of 4 Action Series Templates. These templates are for personal and commercial use. You can pick them up here @ Gingerscraps.

Here are some LOs by my fabulous CT, visit the Gingerscraps Gallery for kit credits


Tuesday Trivia Time!!!

Are you ready for some Tuesday Trivia? Today we’re going to do a word scramble! These are 10 scrapbook related words that you have to unscramble!

1. lpaah
2. epatmlte
3. erbeief
4. srppae
5. senlmete
6. doartrw
7. obiatlgrn
8. dprecsepsa
9. opbdiirkscintggolaa
10. ntsebiy'mori

Okay…now that you have the list here’s the rules! Please email your unscrambled words to (please put Tuesday Trivia as the email subject). You have until Midnight CST tonight to get your list to me (10 pm PST, 11 pm MST, 12 am CST, 1 am EST) …and then I will choose a random winner from all the correct lists to win a $2 gift card to Misty’s Shop! So get to unscrambling! (I will probably post the winner sometime on Wednesday!) … and just a little hit words 6-10 are two words…Have Fun!


Another Happy Monday!

Hey everyone! Marie here to fill you in on a few things going on at Gingerscraps this week! We've got our challenge this month that you still have plently of time for! If you complete 5 challenges you'll win a Gift Certificate for $5 that's good for ANY designer!
Not to mention the awesome month of speed scraps they're hosting again. A Speed Scrap away does keep the bordeom away so be sure to stop by. The schedule for this week is posted below so be sure not to miss any of them!
I believe there is a hint of a HUGE freebie giveaway coming to Misty's blog soon so be sure to come back everyday to find out some more details soon!


We're not in Kansas anymore...

Hey y'all Tara's everyone's weekend so far?  Full of scrapping and creating memories to scrap I hope...anyone notice it's a little different around here at the Scrap Paperie? 

Well that's because Misty's blog's been under construction (as you can see in the header) and we're almost done wih Phase 1!  You noticed her awsome new blog background, right?  Does it look a little familiar?  Well if your a Misty O'Brien fan (and obviously you are cuz you're here, right?) then you know that her background is from her Romantical kit!!  Created by none other than yours truly, for your viewing pleasure- I have a little tweaking left to do and who knows, maybe you'll be able to have a Misty O'Brien blog background soon!

We're not just making aesthetic changes, oh no!  Soon, we'll have weekly games, contests, a guestbook for you to show off what you've created with Misty's kits and some more cool stuff that we just know you'll love!!  So make sure you check back often or follow the blog (it's over there on the right), you'll be glad you did!


Happy Friday everyone!

Here are your weekend reminders. Don't miss scrapping with our very own Marie/ madscrapper on Sunday!:

Speed scraps at Gingerscraps:
* Friday speed scrap with Jen: 1pm PST/ 2 pm MST/ 3 pm CST/ 4 pm EST
* Saturday speed scrap with Becka: 10 am PST/ 11 am MST/ 12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST
* Sunday speed scrap with Marie: 7 pm PST/ 8 pm MST/ 9 pm CST/ 10 pm EST

How are you doing on the monster challenge for this month?

This month's Monster challenge is sponsored by Wyld Web Designs!In order to win a free kit from Wyld Web Designs, you must complete the following challenges by June 30th.
* Template Challenge
* What's for Dinner
* Color Challenge
* Photo Editing Challenge
* Pop Culture Challenge (BOTH Cinematastic AND Music to My Ears)
* Love Your Neighbor
* Word Lovers
* Technique Time
* Inspiration
* Scraplift
* A-Z
That's 11 different LOs for 12 Challenges total.

Jodi's Love Your Neighbor Challenge is ALL about gallery love so there's no LO required for that one.But that's not all.

You also have a specific number of Speed Scraps to complete! This month we'd like you to complete a total of 10 Speed Scraps. Here's another twist! 5 of them have to be hosted by 5 different Gingerscraps Hostesses.

Completing all of these challenges will leave you with 21 LOs for the month of June! How exciting!

Here's what you get for completing all of these challenges:You will get the Gingerscraps Freebie for the month, you will receive 10 participation prizes for the Speed Scraps, AND you will receive a Free Kit from Wyld Web Designs. *Freebie may be chosen at Wyld Web Designs discretion


Back again today!

I just thought, I would pop in and share a few standouts in the Gingerscraps Gallery today...of course they're all of Misty's CT standouts! LOL! I just wanted to point out a few that really caught my eye! First we have two layouts featurning Misty's Mix It Up Template Pack.
Sharon, you totally outdid yourself with this one!

Lisa, I love your colors here! They really pop and bring your eyes to the focus of the LO. Great Job! And the next one features Misty's Woodland Park Zoo kit that is also for sale in the Gingerscraps store.
Christie.Dawn, you amazed me with your placement on this! Great job!
Okay, so now that you've seen a little of what can be done, be sure to stop the the Gingerscraps store and pick up a copy of these today!
We've got a midnight scrap going on at GS today as well. Laura and Charmaine are hosting one at 12AM EST tonight! Go there to have some fun, make a great LO, and even walk away with a prize! Hope to see you there!


Romantical Alpha

Romantical's alpha is now up for grabs! Its for sale in the Gingerscraps store for just $2! Click on the preview and it will take you right there!
While you're there, you should pick up the coordinating glitter pack and flair pack too!
Don't forget the awesome paper pack for Romantical is available too!! They are beautiful and versatile and work well with quite a few other kits!
And of course, some beautiful artwork from my creative team!
Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Scrapping everyone!


Wanna snag a freebie??

Hey scrappers, it's Tara here!  I hijacked Misty's blog to tell you about an awesome freebie I have on my blog made with her It's 5 o'clock Somewhere kit (which you can purchase from Gingerscraps, along with the coordinating alpha and glitter @ her shop HERE at Gingerscraps)!

It's a computer desktop, complete with calendar and available in 4 sizes!!  Doesn't it just make you just want to sit back- margherita in hand, Jimmy Buffet playing in the background- and scrap your heart out???  Just click HERE to visit my blog, For the Love of Scrap, for download instructions...happy scrapping!


And The Winner Is...

belle007!! Thanks for playing!! That was a quick response! It was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and it's from the Wizard of Oz! It's my son's favorite song to be sung to sleep with...and I chose it today because it's his First Birthday! :) So Belle watch your email for your GC!! And everyone come back again next Tuesday for another game and another chance to win something!! :)


Who's Ready To Win A $2 Gift Card To Misty's Store??

It's "Game Time" with Christie Dawn!! :) All you have to do to win the $2 Gift Card is be the first person to guess the Name of the Song this lyric goes to AND the Movie it appears in!!

Are you ready??

Your lyric is: "where troubles melt like lemon drops"

Be the first to give me the Name of the Song and the Movie It's In and You Win a $2 to Misty's Shop at Ginger Scraps!!


A Brand New Week!

Good Monday Morning Everyone!! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend. I just wanted to pop in today and tell you about what's going on this week at Gingerscraps. First off, we have some GREAT speed scraps that are in store for you. Below is the schedule for this week so that you know when to be there!

Besides these wonderful speed scraps that Gingerscraps is hosting they also have some amazing Challenges each month. Among them are Scraplift Challenges, Inspiration Challenges, Color Challenges, etc. And for June, if you complete 5 challenges, you'll receive a $5 coupon for the Gingerscraps store available to use for ANY KIT of your choice! Come over today and check them out! We'd love to see your work!

Thanks for stopping by today! Christie Dawn will be back tomorrow with a contest and a chance to win a $2 coupon to Misty's store!


Sink Bath!

I love this new kit from the Boutique Cute Dolls! It's called Home Sweet Home and I've used it to create a cute LO of my little Aidan in the sink.

You can pick it up at Sunshine Studio Scraps. Click the LO to go to my gallery and leave love and click the kit to go to SUN to check out the shop!


Weekend reminders

Looking for a speed scrap this weekend?

Saturday's Speed Scrap will be hosted by Ginger
9pm PST/ 10 pm MST/ 11 pm CST/ 12 am EST

Sunday's Speed Scrap will be hossted by Charmaine
9pm PST/ 10 pm MST/ 11 pm CST/ 12 am EST

Looking for challenges? Check out the newest challenges for June and the prize that you get for participating

Yep that is right!!! Get busy :)(offer good for ANY GingerScraps Designer goodies!!!)Speed Scraps not included. A different LO for each challenge.


Polka Dot Plum CT Call!

I am on Plum's CT ladies and this is a great opportunity! They are opening a store with a ton of designers.


Speed Scrap Tonight!

Click here to go to Marie's Blog to see what you'll be playing for!

Click here to access the Gingerscraps Speed Scrap Forum


Whats Going On?

Speed Scrap a day in June continues tonight over at Ginger Scraps. If you have never joined in, you don't know what you are missing!! It is so much fun. Tonight Laura will be hosting the SS. Here are the times for each zone:

9:00 PM PST
10:00 PM MST
11:00 PM CST
12:00 AM EST

This one is for all you people that are either up very late or for some reason can't sleep and are wondering what you can do for a couple of hours since you are wide awake. Click here and come join us.

Also, don't forget that my 5 O'Clock Somewhere coordinating Acrylic Alpha is only 2.oo at the Gingerscraps store. Click here and it will take you there. You will find the preview below:

Check out these awesome LO's that were created using some of my kits; click on any of the LO's and it will take you directly to my store to check out the full version.

My Romantical Kit
Template: Britt-ish Designs (Inspired by Christy)


Woodland Park Zoo kit by Misty O'Brien
Oh Happy Day kit by Amanda Resende (button & bird)


In The Spotlight kit by Misty O'Brien


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