It is that time again to announce December's LOTM, and can you believe it is almost a new year as well? Time sure does fly. I was browsing through Funky Playground Designs Gallery and there were so many LO's to choose from but the one that really stuck out and I thought was just so awesome was a LO by our own CTM Adriana. It is titled Free As a Bird and I just love how she has her daughter in several different poses in the same scene. I just thought it was so unique. Here it is:

Here are a few questions to get to know Adriana (drica) a little bit:

Please tell us where you are located in the world. What is your favorite thing about where you live? I'm living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since October. I love the Brazilian hospitality and all the beaches.

What is a 'must have' item you put on your pages? I'm in a splatter face. I can always use some glitter too!

What program do you create with? How long have you been using that program? I use Photoshop CS5, since August.

Adriana used Misty's kit "Tweet, Tweet" for her lo.

So please go and browse Adriana's awesome LO gallery at Funky Playground Designs.


New Year's Eve Contest!

and here's a sneak peek of Jan 1st's release!


Challenge Time!

Adriana here with a color challenge! Taking a look at Misty's old kits I felt in love again with the colors of Tweet! Tweet! Here’s your palette:

Here’s the kit from Misty's that you could use, it's the beautiful Tweet! Tweet!

Here’s a layout I made with it.

The prize is a $5 coupon to Misty O’Brien store. You don’t have to use her kit on your layout, but we love it when you do, and your name will enter twice in the drawing. You have until Midnight EST on January 2nd to submit your layout!

Don't forget to leave an email address so we can contact you, or check back here next Monday to see who the winner is!
•Create a layout and upload it in a gallery or your blog.
•Link back here in the comments before Sunday, January 2nd at Midnight EST Time.
•Get your name entered in a drawing for a GC and a participation prize.

Happy scrapping everyone!


Wonderful Wednesday Freebie

Ciao girls!
Another freebie to share with you all, Wendy here to bring you some word art for this holidays, I used the so cute kit and alpha of Misty O'Brien"Let It SnowFlake" available at the FPD store.

Download HERE

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas wherever you are, and wish you an amazing new year! Buon Natale e Buon 2011, Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo 2011


2 Freebies, One Mallow Idea...and a partridge in a pear tree.

Christmas is just a few days away, and I'm scrambling to get everything ready. It doesn't help that it is 83 degrees outside (no, I'm not kidding)- but I'm pretending like it's cold and making homemade hot chocolate and dipped marshmallows as gifts for all my friends. Speaking of gifts..... :-) I have one for you! Actually, I have 2! Bren has made 2 beautiful quick pages for you using Misty's "Everyday Happenings" kit. I've included an example of one of them below.  If you click on my layout, it will take you to the download link for the quick pages!

Also, for those of you who are also freaking out about last minute gifts, I will share the source of my inspiration: Dipped Marshmallow Pops!

There- that's actually THREE freebies for you! I'm sure you want to show your appreciation, so leave a comment with a 'must download' Christmas music idea for the rest of us! (namely me....)



Introducing: Kimmy

CT Member: Kimmy aka kimmyscraps
Gallery Link: kimmyscraps gallery

1. What is a 'must have' item you put on your pages? Ribbon or Ric Rac - I can't live without it!!
2. How often do you edit your pics you use to scrap with and do you think it's important? I edit almost all my pictures in some way, whether a simple color boost or just cropping. I'm not a great photographer and I find that editing the photos can make them appear better then they actually are.
3. Do you use templates? YES YES YES!! I love templates. I think they are great when you are trying to get something done in a hurry, or if you have trouble with clustering, templates can be a great help.
4. What other things you do besides digiscrapping? Other then digi-scrapping, I read alot. My favorite authors are Kristin Hannah, Jodi Picoult, & Nicholas Sparks. I also spend a lot of time with my family playing games or watching TV and movies!
5. How do you think you've improved since you started digiscrapping? I've improved on my journaling capabilities for sure. It used to frighten me to have to journal and now I love it, whether it is a few sentences to a few paragraphs. I still have a long way to go though!
6. What is one part of digiscrapping that you would like to improve on? I would love to improve my clustering. I love layouts that have a lot of clustering and white space but I have to work really hard to achieve that look and I still struggle with it.
7. What is the first LO you've ever made? 
This is a layout I made for a Speed Scrap when I first started. Kit is Beautiful You by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Jacabean Designs.
8. What are your favorite three LOs ever made?
 Kit used: Fall Festival by Misty O'Brien Designs and Ruby Lane
Template: Survivor Templates by Pretty in Green


Thank you Kimmy for sharing more about yourself with us!  



Scrap ON! QP Freebie

Hi everyone!  Kimmy Scraps here today.  I hope you all are having a great week and are getting all your preparations done for the holidays!  I still have a ton to do but wanted to stop in and say hi.  I made this layout with Misty's kit Scrap On!, and turned it into a quick page for you.  I love that the kit can be used for so many things.  It is just beautiful.

Download it here.

Well, that's all for today.  I hope you all have a great holiday season! 


Color Challenge & Freebie!

Hello! I'm here for the Challenge this week.

We're going to do a COLOR challenge! My favorite color is
(and ALWAYS has been!) PURPLE!
So Your Challenge is to create a LO or a Card or anything with Purple as the main color!

FYI: Misty has a great kit called "In The Purple Spotlight" that I just ADORE!

(click on preview to be taken to the FunkyPlayground Store)

Here's my LO

To get your name entered in a drawing for a $5 Gift Card to Misty's Store- You need to:
- Create a LO, Card or anything with PURPLE as the main color.
- Upload it a gallery or your blog.
- Link back to it here in the comments before Sunday, December 19th at Midnight Pacific Time.

Good Luck & Happy Scrapping! :)


It's Freebie Time!

Sorry I am late posting today. it's been a crazy day at work!

I had a hard time choosing what your freebie would be for today, so I decided to give more than one since we are getting so close to Christmas! Lucky you!

Here are THREE QuickPages for you...I hope you enjoy them!

Please let me know if you have any problems grabbing them, and don't share the links or pages-send them here to Misty's blog ♥


Challenge Time!

Glynis here with a fun challenge for you this week. Does your family have a fun activity that they love to do this time of the year? Where I live the weather is cold and my family enjoys playing the snow. Maybe you live somewhere 'down under' and you're ready to head to the beach. Do you like to stay inside and bake Christmas cookies or snuggle up by the fire and listen to Christmas music?

Whatever it is, we'd love to see a layout about it. So create your beautiful page, link back to it here in the comments and we'll enter you in a drawing for a $5 gift certificate to Misty's store. And as an added bonus, if you use Misty's products in your layout, we'll add your name TWICE! And just for participating, you'll receive a fun quickpage, too. Don't forget to leave an email address so we can contact you, or check back here next Monday (December 13) to see who the winner is!

Bottom line:

  • Create a layout about your favorite winter/holiday/Christmas activity and upload it a gallery or your blog.
  • Link back to it here in the comments before Sunday, December 12 at Midnight Easter Time.
  • Get your name entered in a drawing for a gift cert. and a participation prize.

Easy as pie!! I have a layout here if you need more inspiration. Click on the image for the full list of credits. And happy scrapping!


Throwback Thursday

Hi Everyone! Leilanie here to bring you Throwback Thursday. Today is also Thanksgiving and I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US readers! On to the kit, today I chose to showcase Behind the Lens.

This kit is collab with Girl Boy Girl designs. It is such a beautiful kit, I loved working with it! Here is my page, I used the kit to create the title page for my scrap journal. I also used Misty's "L" template for this page.

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Happy Thanksgiving!



LO Highlights

I was browsing through some galleries and came across some gorgous LO's using Misty's kits. I thought it would be a great time to go ahead and highlight some of these LO's and of course each one will be linked so you can all go leave some love.

The first layout I have to show you was created by AmieN1 using Beautiful Dreamer which is a collab between Misty O'Brien Designs and Scrappin' Serenity. She also used Misty's Border Up Commercial Use Borders.

Next up I have a LO created by kimmyscraps using Misty's kit Lola.

Last but not least I have this fabulous LO created by scrappinbella using Misty's newest kit Scrap On.

So there you have it, and of course I could go on and on and on, there are just so many beautiful creations in all of the galleries around digi-land. Please remember to go and leave these girls some LO love, they would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you haven't already done so, go ahead and sign up for Misty's newsletter so you don't miss out on any sneak peeks, coupons, freebies or anything else Misty may have up her sleeve. You can also "like" her on Facebook as well.


Realistic Shadows!

The one thing I notice on layouts that catch my eye, is shadows! There are so many ways to do them and so many different looks that there is no right way to do them but what feels right to you. I am going to show you how I do mine. Because that is the one thing about my LO’s that is consistent, is that I do my shadows the same way every time. They might not look like it, but because I have this technique down it goes a lot faster than you would think. This tutorial is for Photoshop. I work in PS cs5 and I am not sure how this would translate to PSE or PSP.

This LO of mine using Misty's Everyday Happenings, has several shadows that are created using this technique that I am going to show you.

Having consistent shadows on a LO makes it look like a cohesive piece and makes it that much more polished. When I start I make sure the lighting is all the same direction. So the first thing I would do is to get my shadow the way that I want it on the 1st layer and then copy and paste the layer effects to get the shadows consistent with all the layers that I need shadows on. I usually start with this:

  • · Bend mode: Linear Burn (I think this gives a more realistic color to the shadow)
  • · Opacity: 75%
  • · Distance: ~8 px
  • · Spread : 0 px
  • · Size: ~10 px (sometimes more if I want the quality of light to look more muted)

Then once I determine which layers I want more depth to, I right click the layer effects/create layer. That then puts the shadow on its own layer. Once it is on its own layer I click on that layer and kit CTRL-T to free transform then I right click/warp to actually warp the shadow to make it look as though the element above it is not laying flat on the page.

I then take the corners and slightly pull them opposite the light source. If it is coming from the upper left as it is in this lo, I pulled the upper right and lower right corner points away from the element. On this Layout the shadows are warped on the frame, the ribbon and the heart in the upper right corner.

As you can see once the shadows have been warped, the element looks as though it is “lifted off the page”. I then change the opacity of the lay until it looks right. Usually anywhere between 50-75%.


Featured Layout!

Hi everyone!  Kimmy Scraps here to bring you the Featured Layout!  Do you ever just browse the gallery for inspiration??  I do all the time.  I find it very therapeutic and if I'm ever stuck, I just go wondering through the gallery.  Sometimes it helps me decide on a kit and sometimes it helps me determine where my layout is going to go.  I've been keeping an eye out on Misty's gallery at FPD and ran across this wonderful layout by AmieN1.  I love the clustering she did around the photos.  I also love how she did her title and the journaling!

You can browse through her gallery here to get some great inpiration.

Amie used Misty's new kit "Scrap On!"  You can really see how versatile this kit is.  Not only can you use it for everyday fun but the colors are also perfect for Christmas layouts.  You can really see the variety by browsing Misty's gallery here.  Here is a preview of the kit and don't forget to go pick it up in the store.

I hope you have a wonderful day and happy scrapping!  
Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.


Yum challenge! :-)

I don't know about where you live, but in Texas we have exactly 4 seasons and they are....Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Christmas. Right now it's actually 60 degrees outside- but it's kind of impossible to get excited about the holidays when it feels like I should be in flip flops and a super cute tankini. I'm just saying. :-P So I turn on my Christmas mix and bake pumpkin bread and drink peppermint mochas and pretend like it's about to snow. I'm sure you're wondering what my point is with this rant---I need some holiday inspiration.

I'm going to share my absolute favorite holiday recipe with you- and you share yours with me Scrapbook style! In exchange for even participating you will receive a quick page designed by the FABULOUS Brenian Designs and your name will be entered in a drawing for a $5 coupon to Misty's store. Now, you use one of Misty's kits, your name will be entered TWICE. I've even found an awesome template for you to use if you, like me, are short on inspiration. In the Funky Playground Designs forum they have this template and if you use it and then post to FPD you'll be entered for one of their drawings. It's win win win all around for you!'s mine! It's a recipe for Chocolate Chip Snickerdoodles and I used Misty's "Let it Snowflake" kit.

I like bullet lists, they keep things simple. Here's your challenge:
  • Scrap your favorite holiday recipe!
  • Post your layout to any of your favorite galleries, and share the link as a comment here by Wednesday, November 24 at 11:59  p.m.
  • Participate & receive a FREE QP and be entered to win a $5 coupon. Use one of Misty's kits and be entered TWICE.
This is my first ever blog post for any CT ever- so if I've forgotten something, please let me know! I hope you enjoy this challenge....I did!! :-)

~ Kate!


Happy Birthday!

Did you know that FPD is turning four?  They are and all month long they have special things planned.  There's a speed scrap coming up this Wednesday, a store wide sale of 40% off until Wednesday and you still have a couple of days to snag these great deals!  Find all of the details here!


Contest Winner Announcement!

Thank you so much for everyone that shared a "thankful" comment on the blog this week. I loved reading all your responses and I'm happy to announce that Tamara is our winner!

Comment here, or PM Misty over at Funky Playground to get your $5 GC! Congratulations and happy scrapping to everyone!


Scrap On freebie!

Hi there!
Jacque (Get 2 Scrappin') here with a fun freebie! I made you a brag book page with Misty's latest kit Scrap On. It's available at Funky Playground Designs now and is a great little versatile mini. The fun colors will work for a variety of layouts and even into the holiday season. Be sure to pick it up and I hope you enjoy this little gift. Click HERE to download.


Let me introduce to you

1 Who are you ?  Amie
2 What is a 'must have' item you put on your pages? Photos!  I cannot scrap a page without photos!  2nd favorite would be flowers- I LOVE flowers!3 How long have you been on a CT, and who do you CT for?  I'm a guest for misty for November.  I have only been a guest prior for Amanda Carlson's Designs for the month of August.  I have only been digi-scrapping for about a year maybe.4 What other things you do besides digiscrapping? I do a lot of paper crafting- cardmaking, paper scrapbooking.  I also like to read.  I spend most of my free time playing and caring for my daughter and soon to be SON!  I'm due to have our baby boy March 2011.5 Please tell us where you are located in the world. What is your favorite thing about where you live?  I live in Olympia, WA.  I love that it's so pretty and green (even if it means we have to have the rain for that!)  Also, we take advantage of how beautiful and close everything is here- Pacific ocean & Olympic & Cascade Mountains are only an hour away!6 What is a favorite technique or style of yours? Not sure what "styles" there are- but I like the look of traditional paper scrapping- even on my digital pages.  I am not a big fan of the fantasy pages/kits.

My favorite Layout is my favorite picture I've ever taken of my daughter (last christmas).  I used Misty's In the Purple Spotlight Kit


1 Who are you ?  Jacque aka Get 2 Scrappin'2 What is a 'must have' item you put on your pages?  I love stitching and frames!3 How long have you been on a CT, and who do you CT for?   I joined my first CT about 3 months ago and now I create for HD Creations, Scrap Happens to Me, Designing Divas, AnDi Designs, and the Stuff to Scrap store.  I also work on marketing teams for Ginger Scraps and My Life and Scrap.4 What other things you do besides digiscrapping?  My only other 'hobby' is watching sports on tv.  I love basketball, baseball, football, even wrestling!5 Please tell us where you are located in the world. What is your favorite thing about where you live?  I live in a small town in NH, USA.  I am originally from a big city in FL.  The thing I love the most about NH is the fall when the leaves change.  It's beautiful!6 What is a favorite technique or style of yours?  I am still learning - I have only been digi-scrapping since April of this year so I don't really have a style yet.  I love how white space layouts look - I'm trying to get better at that! 

This is my favorite layout !


1 Who are you ? Glynis (aka gracelikerain) -- wife, mom, wanna-be writer, and addicted digi-scrapper living in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, USA.
2.Did you paper scrap before you digi-scrapped?  I paper scrapped for several years and it took me about a year of doing both before making the switch in 2004. I rarely look back and get my paper fix in by doing cards and some hybrid projects.3.What is your favorite season, and what is your favorite season to scrap? I love autumn. Where I live we definitely have four seasons and this time of warm days and cool nights is my very favorite. And as far as scrapping, all seasons are fair game!
4.What is something you wish you were better at? I'm a very logical, symmetrical kind of person, so I wish I could let my inner artist out once in a while and scrap outside the norm. I enjoy looking at art journals, collages, and fantasy layouts, but I just don't create that way.5.What is your favorite subject to scrap? Of course my children (who are 8 and 10) and my extended family, but I also enjoy creating and sharing pages about my faith.
6.Do you have a favorite snack or drink while creating?  Gotta have a cup of coffee or tea and I'll eat anything with peanut butter on it!

I love products that can stretch my scrapping stash, so one of my favorite products of Misty's is the Border Up commercial Use borders and I also love her glitter styles!

So i hope you enjoyed learning to now us a bit better !
And whish you all a nice day



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