Keeping it Real: Stockpiling

Julie from Gingerscraps has a novel idea. We all love to see the beautiful crafts, home makeovers, decorating ideas and other artsy projects, inspiring our next idea. Those photos seem to be straight out of a magazine. However, we never see the messy side. The messy side of being a housewife or mother. In Julie's post she talks about her struggle with never ending laundry. I actually LOVE to do laundry. It's the only chore in the house where my OCD completely takes over in sorting and organizing piles of clothing. The hubs volunteers to do the dishwasher most of the time (I can't stand touching dirty dishes, ewww), as well as vacuuming (that's his favorite chore) and taking out the garbage. Our biggest problem? We're running out of space. I am not the one to pack rat at all. I once moved from a 2 bedroom house in Spokane to an apartment in Seattle without anything more than a suitcase full of clothes (granted I was moving in with my husband to be and didn't need much but I had no attachments to the material things I owned). The rest was donated, given away, or trashed. I like living with less. It's not uncommon for me to do a total clean out and just rid the clutter that seems to make it's way into our home. We're already living in tight quarters and since we started extreme couponing stockpiling in preparation for the new baby, I can't figure out where the heck to put it all. This is a photo of my counter from the last few days. I am still struggling to find a spot for a portion of our latest grocery haul. Thankfully I was able to get the cold items in the fridge and freezer and some items into the cupboards, but oh my, I'm in a pickle for the rest of it - and the several boxes of cereal aren't even in this photo!

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Donation to Talk About Curing Autism

As promised, the proceeds from the sale of On the Spectrum, were donated to one of the two autism non profits chosen in April. Today, I made the $16.00 donation from the sale of the On the Spectrum kits - 8 of you purchased this kit in April (at the sale price of $2.50) and the proceeds (after store commission deductions) were donated to Talk About Curing Autism. May's proceeds will be sent to the Northwest Autism Center.

Here's the receipt (minus any confidential paypal account information) for the donation. Thank you everyone who purchased On the Spectrum!


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