Guest CT Call! Apply by July 30th

I am having a Guest CT call! I need some scrappers to guest between now and the end of the year. 

Req's: Create 1 LO per kit and sign up to post once on the CT blog! (and of course, put those beautiful LOs in your galleries!)

Apply: Send an email to mobriendesigns at gmail dot com with Guest CT Call in the subject line. Send me a link to your best gallery, a link to your blog, and a list of other CTs you are currently on.

Last day to apply is July 30th!


Geocache-tastic, QP Freebies, Guest Call and more!

Dan, with geocache GC18904 in Ellensburg, WA found March 28th, 2010

A few years ago, a friend of ours mentioned her husband had started geocaching. We asked, "What the heck is that?" and she told us it was a sort of Treasure Hunt with a GPS. Except you don't "win" anything, you just sign a log confirming your find. We thought, "How nerdy!" and let it go. Fast forward about 3 years and by some odd crossing of the Geocaching app for iPhone, Dan and I gave Geocaching a whirl. OH my. We discovered we ARE total nerds and proud of it. Our first find was in a park just a few houses north of our house. Since March 12th of this year, we have logged 216 finds and placed 7 of our own, one even in our own front yard. Check out our profile on to see our journeys.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time the inspiration would strike to create a Geocaching themed kit. This kit was created for the Funky Playground Design Staycation Blog Train event last week. Over 900 people picked up this kit for free. If you missed it, it's now available in my store for only $4.00. Check out the kit, Geocache-tastic, and some of the creative layouts by my creative team, as well as the FPD Site CT.

layouts by Jen (chookie), Loni (lingovise), and Trina (trina513)

Earlier this month, the FPD designers released palette coordinating kits for the July Playgroup. I created the kit, Kaleidoscopic, and FPD Site CT member, Corinne, created a set of matching Quick Pages. These 5 QPs are available FREE with purchase of the Kaleidoscopic kit. You must put both the kit and the QPs in your cart for the discount to appear. This offer is good only though August 8th. 

layouts by hoohrah, Memi, and trina513

And I can NEVER resist creating glitter. I love glitter. I love to use it in almost every kit. Of course, Kaleidoscopic has some matching Commercial Use friendly glitters for your enjoyment. The set comes with 8 .jpg sheets and 1 .asl style file. If you've never used glitter before, you should definitely try it out! Contact me through FB if you need help installing or using!

Lastly in product announcements, I have a matching alpha for my kit, In the Purple Spotlight. (This was previously released on my blog as a freebie but you can now pick it up in my store, if you missed out on the blog download) and also fairly new, my Everyday Button Flair for the Studio 365 line. Perfect flair for any layout! 

If you hop over to my blog roll page, and scroll down to the list of my CT, I know quite a few of them are hosting some freebies today!

I will be having a guest CT call very very soon. Get your gallery in tip top shape *wink wink* and keep an eye out on my blog, facebook, and/or twitter (they are all linked!) for all of the exciting details to come. I am also going to announce a new layout contest as well as some new forum news!

Until then, take care!



Fabulous PRE Friday Freebie

Ciao! Wendy here to bring you some news for the weekend.
This is the first post for the fantastic freebie friday of this week!!!!!! it's correct for this friday 23rd you must check Misty's Blog, you will find TONS of news and FREEBIES you can't miss!!! so here I go with some amazing news.

As you already know the Kaleidoscopic kit have so much bright colors and adorable embies you can use it with so many pictures and our Corinne did some amazing QPs that are free with purchase through August 8th at the FPD store, so if you don't get it yet, what are you waiting for!!! Just remember to add both products to the cart in order for the QPs.

Find it HERE

Also I prepared a very simple and cute frame with the Kaleidoscopic kit, I'am sure you will get a perfect photo to use with it!
Enjoy !!!! and don't forget to come back later and see what amazing stuff you find here!

Download HERE
This is the page I create with the frame

At last but no less important is the great special offer for the Letter photo template combo, check it!


LOTW 7/22/10

I was browsing through the gallery at Funky Playground Designs and I discovered this magical lo that was created by AmieN1. I just love how she glittered the word Magic, it looks so touchable. Head on over to her GALLERY and leave her some love. She used Misty's In The Purple Spotlight which you can purchase HERE.

AmieN1 be on the lookout for a pm from me with your coupon code, good for $3.00 off at Misty's store at FPD.

We would love to see LO's that have been created using Misty's kits. You never know, we may just choose one for LOTW.


Getting to Know You: The Misty Edition

Everyday, I try to post a getting to know you question on my Facebook Fan Page for my followers. It's a fun exercise that lets everyone learn a little bit about one another. Just last weekend the topic of Geocaching came up and who knew there were so many geocachers as fans! It's fantastic!

Here's a Q&A to get to know me a little better....

  1. What were your favorite 5 TV programs as a kid? Saved by the Bell definitely, I watched all the way through the college years and recorded the Zack and Kelly wedding on VCR!, Blossom, Full House, Dawson's Creek, My So Called Life
  2. What are your 5 favorite TV programs as an adult? Dexter, US of Tara, True Blood, Weeds, Big Love.
  3. What are your hobbies? Geocaching, Reading, Digital Scrapbooking, Photography, and basically anything I can do that's creative. 
  4. Name the last 5 books you've read: Ok, so my FB fans got me started on the Stephanie Plum series books by Janet Evanovich, and I have been reading them out of order! Here's my last 5 books: Hot Six, Fearless Fourteen, Lean Mean Thirteen, Twelve Sharp, Finger Lickin' Fifteen.
  5. Which actress would play you if your life were portrayed as a movie? Christina Ricci. When I was a kid, about the same time she was in Casper, everyone noticed the uncanny similarities between us. If I could lose 50lbs those resemblances would be more apparent. She's an awesome actress and I loved her in the movie, The Opposite of Sex. 
  6. What did you do before the Internet? Wow, I think I was around 14 the first time I got on the internet, way back when AOL was on its earliest versions. Before that, I know my friends and I were outside more. I really can't remember a world before the Internet!
  7. What are your 5 favorite smells? Fresh cut grass (there used to be a Yankee candle with that scent and I absolutely cannot find it!), food stands at the fair, baby powder, chlorine, the ocean (not the seaweed smell but the salt water in the air smell).
  8. What are your 5 favorite movies? Serendipity, Father of the Bride, The Hangover, Blades of Glory, Sixteen Candles. My favorites change frequently, but Seredipity is always Number 1. 
  9. Chocolate makes me.... It makes me a very happy woman. Since the birth of my second child, chocolate has been a big part of my life. I am beginning to understand why women have all those little sayings about chocolate stitched on pillows. 
  10. What's your biggest accomplishment to date? Becoming a mother. Enuf said. :)

If you have any questions you'd like me to answer, email me at mistobrien at gmail dot com. 

Now, fill free to do the same blog post on your own blog and leave a comment here with the link to your blog! I'd love to read them. 

Oh, and I have added those nifty share buttons to appear after every post. I'd love for you to share my posts with your friends. 

Have a great day!



Facebook Fan Spotlight!!!

It is time for us to get to know another of Misty's Facebook Fans a little better. Today I want to introduce you to Macy!!
Hey there everyone, I'm so excited to be featured on Misty's blog!!! A little about name is Macy Goode and I'm a native Montanan (Go Cats!!!), I love living's the most gorgeous place in the world. I've been married to my super awesome, very patient husband for nine years now and during that time we've produced two very energetic boys. We love to hang out with our families and play on the lake that we live on. I'm a certified dental assistant...yep..I'm a spit sucker by day...LOL, I work so I can support my scrapbook addiction!

How long have you been digi scrapping?
I've been digi scrapping for two years now, I had been a traditional scrapbooker for years and decided to be a consultant for Creative Memories where I was first introduced to the digi world. I havn't got off the computer since!!

What's the one scrapbooking item you can't live without?
The one scrapbooking item I couldn't live without?? computer, hands down. I never want to cut or glue a piece of paper by hand for as long as I live!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If I could live ANYWHERE, it would have to be Kauai. We visited Kauai last Fall and I just fell in love with it. A facsinating place, full of beauty..and it was warm which is a bonus.

What's your favorite movie?
I don't think I could chose ONE movie to be my favorite!! I looooove Fever Pitch, Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook..but my current favorite has to be Eclipse. Um yah, I'm a Twilight Saga junkie!! I just heard that Taylor Lautner is in MY town and I'm seriously considering camping out at his hotel after I put the kids to sleep. ha ha

What's your favorite book?
I love to read, I love it when a book completely captures my attention and I can't put it down until it's finished. My current favorite is Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.

What is your favorite kit of Misty's?
My favorite kit of Misty's has to be Tweet! Tweet!, it's been a perfect package to use with photo's of my new nephew. I love the colors, the textures and the little birdies are adorable!!

Macy also shared her favorite layout made with Misty's kit Tweet! Tweet! Look at that cute baby! This is SO cute!!

Thank you so much Macy for being our Facebook Fan feature this time. And if you haven't already make sure become a fan of Misty's designs on Facebook. We want to spotlight you!!


Choo Choo! It's the Staycation Blog Train and $1 Lost and Found Sale!

Our son, Ian, with a Geocache find

The Funky Playground Designers have created some freebies just for YOU! It's the Staycation Blog Train. Since alot of people are staying home this year instead of vacationing elsewhere, we've created some kits based on a staycation theme. Through the train you'll find some neat goodies featuring reading, movies, gardening, dinner parties, outdoor water fun and more!

My husband and I LOVE to Geocache so I decided to create my kit around a geocaching theme. The founders of the Geocaching website,, have described it as the largest hobby in the world that no one knows about!*

Check out my and my husband's geocaching profile page here, and friend us if you're a fellow cacher!

If you followed the train, then you arrived here from Elise's Pieces, our guest designer at FPD this month. If you're lost and don't where the train started, you can check out the map on the FPD blog. 

Without further adieu, here's "Geocache-tastic"

Links Expired

This item is only available for free through July 22nd and will then be placed in my store at FPD for $4.00

ALSO, you don't want to miss our Lost & Found Sale! We do it monthly and this weekend we are featuring every single product in the Studio 365 category!!I even have a new product for you too! I created some Everyday Button Flair pieces to add to any layout. Grab them now, while they are only $1!

Check me out on FB, Twitter, and sign up for the newsletter!

Your next blog train stop is Girl Boy Girl Designs by Jen Balding

Have a great weekend!

*not a direct quote


Purple Love and a Freebie :)

This past week has been a whirlwind at this house. We've been busily getting ready for our garage sale on Friday and I have been dealing with a  recurrence of Trigeminal Neuralgia pain. Ick. Fortunately for me, I've been able to sneak in some design time here and there. I am working on a really cute mini for the upcoming Funky Playground Designs blog train (yes, it's a freebie for a limited time!). FPD is also having a $1 sale on all Studio 365 products this weekend for our monthly Lost & Found Sale. I have a new product for that also! No sneak peeks just yet, but you might be able to catch something on my Facebook in the next day or so.

Here's the FPD flyer to hang on to so you don't forget!

Last year, I released a monochromatic style kit at my former store and have
decided to re-release it here at FPD. It's my "In the Purple Spotlight"
kit. If you remember, it was from a series of mini kits. I hope to get the
rest of the minis out soon but wanted to give new fans a chance to grab one
of my favorite kits.

Here are a few layouts created by my talented CT
(left to right, top to bottom): Dana, Adriana, Christie, Monica, and Trina

For a limited time, I have a BOGO offer on my Photo Templates! Buy the
Complete Letter Template Set and get the Complete Number Set for FREE! Just
add both products to your cart and the discount will show at checkout.

And here's your freebie! It's the matching Gel Alpha for In the Spotlight. 
Freebie is available until Sunday July 18th and will then be moved into the store. 

Link Expired

Have a great day and happy scrapping!


Friday Freebie!

Happy Friday! Today I have the pleasure of giving you a freebie that I made from Misty's awesome new kit:

The vibrant colors in this kit are fantastic! Perfect to brighten up any layouts and add some fun to your scrapbooking pages. Here is my first layout and I feel like it made itself. What fun!

And here is the quickpage I made for you (image linked):

Enjoy! Have a great weekend and happy scrapping!


So Kaleidoscopic

Ian and Aidan, photo by Janie O.

Summer is my second favorite time of year. I am usually partial to the late summers, early fall. You know, the wonderfully seasoned "Indian Summers?" I am not a lover of scorching temps. Which is why I love Seattle. The thermometer registers a temp near perfect and I have been known to smile when it rains. Last weekend my husband and I went to visit my mother and sister over in Belltown. I have location envy. About 3 years ago, the hubs and I moved from the Seattle area and I have been itching to go back. My sister's place just reaffirms my desire. Hubs and I explored new locations and did some geocaching in town. We also sent out a few resumes, keep your fingers crossed :) Maybe someday soon I will be creating my designs while overlooking Alki Beach. 

Speaking of summer, July can get get a little hot in the States. The designers at Funky Playground Designs are bringing you a sweet treat of a July Playgroup so you can stay in your air conditioned homes and scrap your hearts out. Michelle Batton introduced a bright, colorful, skittle-esque color palette and here's what I've come up with (all previews are clickable):

I immediately thought of those bits and pieces of colored flair in a kaleidoscope. There are 14 papers and 28 elements.  FPD creative team member, Corinne, is creating a special QP Pack that will be available free with purchase for everyone who buys this kit through the end of July. If the QP pack is not yet in the store at the time you purchase the kit, I will email you a code to pick it up as soon as it's ready. The kit will also be 20% off Friday, Saturday, and through Sunday July 11th.

My CT and the FPD CT came up with some stunning layouts 

(Clockwise L to R by Lisa, Christie, Sherly, and Adriana)

Also, do you remember when I released my Commercial Use Grab Bag No 1. a couple weeks ago? Well that grab bag has been separated and revealed. The four CU products are available now:

For a limited time, I'm also having a BOGO offer on my Photo Templates! Buy the Complete Letter Template Set and get the Complete Number Set for FREE! Just add both products to your cart and the discount will show at checkout. These have been a huge hit with scrappers :)

For now, I will be staying out of the sunshine as much as possible. I have a ton of good books to get to and lots of HBO and Showtime to watch! Stay cool, have fun, scrap your heart out!


PS - ShanMomto4 is offering a free add on with ANY Funky Playground $5 purchase


LOTW for 7/8

I found the most beautiful smile in Misty's gallery the other day. I just had to nominate this layout for LOTW. Congrats to AmieN1 for Misty's layout of the week! How could I resist that smile???

She used Misty's kit Saltwater:


Trophy Cupcakes

My friends, I know this is off the scrapping path but I must tell you about the most delicious cupcake I have ever eaten.

After we moved from Seattle to Spokane, I began subscribing to Seattle Magazine. One issue, I discovered an article about a little cutesy boutique style shop called Trophy Cupcakes. I was intrigued! I love cupcakes. I love the ability to experiment with flavors and decor with such a small cake. I had to taste this cupcake and visit Trophy ASAP.

Well, ASAP didn't come for a couple years. Each time I was in Seattle, it slipped my mind to head to Wallingford for the sweet treats. However, since Trophy created their Facebook Fan Page, the adventure has been fresh in my mind. Trophy now has two additional stores, at University Village and at the Bravern in Bellevue. I have been tantalized with all the flavors they've been posting on FB - Pina Colada, Spiced Rum Buttercream, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate PB, Lemon Coconut, the list goes on.

On Saturday, we visited the University Village location. My husband, Dan chose a Triple Coconut cake and I snagged a Salted Caramel. Oh Em Gee... I was in heaven. The salted caramel was PERFECT. The caramel drizzle was ooey gooey and the salt was a nice compliment to the creamy buttercream frosting and moist chocolate cake. Go ahead and scroll up to check out the photo again. I'll wait....


We went back to my Mom's and Sister's and raved about Trophy. On Monday, my mother came with us to the store. She ended up walking out with a dozen. Her flavors ranged from Red Velvet to Chocolate Covered Pretzel. I went ahead and bought a Smores cupcake (sorry, no pic yet). The toasted marshmallow frosting was the real deal and  my bite ended with a graham cracker style crust.

All in all I was NOT disappointed. Trophy definitely lived up to my expectations. Dan and I even brought back a couple mini cupcakes for his co-worker, and those tiny cakes stayed fresh and moist for the two days it took us to drive home and get them to her.

Hurray for Trophy. We will be back. :)

PS - the photo was taken by me, using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic application for iPhone. The Design Girl  would be proud!


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