Ready for a challenge?!

Hey hey... this is Irma again!! I'm pretty sure you had lots of fun playing at Stuff to Scrap this past week... they have tons of challenges... right!? So i'm going to update you all even this week with some cool challenging-appointment over Stuff to Scrap!!
As you know, there are about twenty different challenges you can participate in during the month....and by playing you can earn points to get a store gift certificate!!

So, here we go!! Jane is hosting the Word of the Week Challenge this week, and she picked an easy one, Winter!! I'm pretty sure you already have some cool page that could fit.
Other challenge I really like are the Quote Challenge, where you'll need to make a Lo inspired by a given quote, or the Color Challenge, where you need to be creative with a given color or palette....

And we have Speed Scraps too!! Come back and check out the new December schedule!!
So, still there?!?! Go challenge yourself... and have some FUNNNN!!!!


Just Married Glitter Strip Freebie

I have a special freebie for you today. It coordinates with the Just Married kit that Wyld Web Designs and I have recently released. This freebie was made using the Just Married glitter that is available for sale at Stuff to Scrap, Gingerscraps, and Daydreamer Designworks.

Enjoy this freebie! And don't forget to join my Facebook Fan Page to get exclusive freebies, sales, and giveaways.

Click here to go to my stores - Stuff to Scrap or Gingerscraps


Yep, I'm a little late today...

So I have been completely in sewing mode and haven't stopped to get on the computer once in three days! I'm getting ready for a craft show next weekend and have been sewing like a mad woman the past few days. Anyway, I'm skipping the Etsy time today but I did want to stop in and say that there are some GREAT things coming to the stores very soon (a little birdie told me they will be released Dec. 2nd!) So don't forget to check out the Gingerscraps and Stuff to Scrap soon for those great products!


Black Friday Sale!

Click the image to head to my store for at Stuff to Scrap for Black Friday Savings!

Also, you can go to my store at Gingerscraps - everything is 50% off (except custom glitters). This means you can pick up glitter sets for $1.00 and kits starting at $1.50!

Click Here to head to Gingerscraps

If you join my Facebook Fan Page, you can pick up an extra coupon for more savings!


Thankful Thursday!!

Hello! And welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of our Thanksful Thursdays!!! First off...Happy Thanksgiving!! I have more fantastic layouts to share with you today!! First up is this awesome layout by lorryfach. Isn't it beautiful? I just love the swirly edge border!! She used Misty's "In the Emerald Spotlight" It is available at Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps.

Next up is this layout by trina513. Look at the cute papers and fun little animal embellishments she used! Very cute!!
She used Misty's Woodland Park Zoo Kit. It is available at Gingerscraps or Stuff to Scrap.
And finally, we have some beautiful layouts made using Misty's newewst kit, Just Married. First up is this one by Christie Dawn. Look at that sweet picture!!
This one is by dricamendes. I Love the different coloring she did with her photos! Very beautiful!
And last, but not least is this one by Gabbina. I love the scalloped paper and the ribbons and swirls on this. Very pretty!!
Here is the kit preview of Just Married. It is a collab with Wyle Web Designs. It is also available at both Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps. This kit (excluding the bundle) are still 20% off!!!!

Again, keep uploading your layouts to Gingerscraps and Stuff to Scrap. We love to see them!!


Tuesday Treat! :)

Anyone want to win this gorgeous kit by Misty O'brien and Wyld Web Designs??
I know you today I bring you this special edition of Tuesday Treat (aka Tuesday Trivia). All you have to do for a chance to win this kit is to leave a comment telling me your Favorite dish to eat at Thanksgiving! And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving...just tell me what your favorite food is! That's pretty simple huh?! I'll tell favorite is probably green bean casserole...but this year I'm hosting Thanksgiving for my Family and I Refuse to make a turkey. So we're having a Mexican food themed Thanksgiving dinner! I can't wait! :) So what is it that you can't wait to be eatin?! I'll pick a commenter at random and let you know the winner on Wednesday!


Mojo-A-Go-Go Mondays

This week, I have something different to get your mojo going! As you know, Misty is not only selling at Gingerscraps, but also now at Stuff to Scrap. So today I'll tell you about some of the challenges at Stuff to Scrap.

First of all, let me say that STS has a TON of challenges. There are TWENTY different challenges you can participate in during the course of the month....and some of them are held twice a month or even once a week. And all of them, except for one (and the speed scraps) earn you points towards a store gift certificate.   The ones that don't earn you points? They earn you some other participation prize!

So, what do they have? Well, Nicole is hosting the Word of the Week Challenge this week. Use the word Thanks or Thankful in your layout and earn points towards the GC.

Scrap your favourite book in the Scrap What? Challenge. Get a free minikit to use in your layout in the Use It or Lose It Challenge.  And add to your font stash by doing the Font Challenge. Go check them out.

And, in case you're wondering about Speed Scraps...join us on Saturday morning at Stuff to Scrap at
9 am PST for some fast paced fun!

Here's your PP this week:

That's it for today! Have a great day!
Jane (Again)


Etsy Sunday!

Monica back again for some beautiful and exotic handmade stuff from

Here's an adorable totebag I found at Original Love Designs

Now drink that coffee, tea or cocoa in style with this funny "mug hugger" from The Ultimate Mug Hugger!

And who doesn't need a faux saw with peppers painted on it? Well, Windmill Saws has them for you!

Well, as you can tell, I'm getting a little punchy today. I have been sitting in the house with the flu and then bronchitis for an entire week. Hopefully by next week, things will be back to normal. :) Have a great Thanksgiving Day week for those in the US! Those not in the US, have a great week.



It's TCD saturday again? WOW, those two weeks went by really fast!
Today we have our sweet Monica and her cute daughter... isn't she adorable?!
Let's meet them!
Made with Just Married

NAME: Monica

MARRIED TO: My wonderful husband for the past 9 years.
MOM TO: 18 month old Emma

1 - How long have you been digi-scrapping?
5 months.

2 - Are you a scrapper, designer or both?
Strictly scrapper.

3 - How many hours a week (on average) do you spend scrapping?
As many as I can. I have been trying to scrap about one page every few days. Life generally gets in the way... I probably actually scrap 3-5 hours a week max.

5 things you love:
1. My family 2. My job (Chemistry teacher) 3. Chocolate 4. My kitty Einstein 5. Spending time with friends.

5 things that bother you:
1. People who tap on tables 2. People who click pens 3. Parents who think their kids do nothing wrong and that the teacher is never right. 4. Stepping on toys in the dark. 5. My cat who thinks that we should wake at 6 am every weekend morning.

Made with Just Married

To know more about Monica visit her blog!

Have a great scrapping day.
See you again in two weeks!


Just Married Cluster Freebie!

Hi fans!

I have a Just Married freebie for you! It will be available here on the blog through the weekend, and after that you can pick it up in my store at Gingerscraps or Stuff to Scrap for free also!

These are the Bonus Clusters for the Just Married collab by myself and Wyld Web Designs. Make sure to pick up the kit and the accessories for 20% off at both stores - or buy the entire bundle for $10.00!


Thankful Thursday

It is that day once again to highlight some incredible LO's created using Misty's kits. Click on each of the kit previews and it will take you to Misty's store where you can purchase them.

The first two were created using Fort Wilderness.

whisper pink


The next two LO's were created using "In The Emerald Spotlight"


Also, don't forget that Misty just released a collab created by herself and Wyld Web Designs. You can get it at Stuff To Scrap or at Gingerscraps and right now it is 20% off. You can purchase just the kit, or you can get the whole bundle or you can even just purchase the accessories separately. Pretty awesome huh?

Another reminder that Misty now has a facebook fan page so become a fan and stay up to date with all of her releases and even some freebies from time to time.

Go here to become a fan!

Misty O'Brien Designs Fan Page

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!!


New Stuff, a Freebie, and a Designer Call!

This post is going to be packed with all sorts of goodies for you!

I am now offering custom glitter styles for commercial use! You will receive 8 custom glitter styles (for Photoshop or PSE) AND 8 glitter sheets!

Only $5.00 and available at Gingerscraps or Stuff to Scrap

I also have a brand new collab out today. Char of Wyld Web Designs and I created a vibrant spin on traditional wedding kits. This one is called Just Married and features a bright color palette.

We've also created some neat accessories - acrylic styles, glitter styles, word art, an alpha set, and bonus element clusters!

You can snag each piece individually or save 60% and pick up the Bundle.

The Just Married kit and accessories are available in my store at Stuff to Scrap, Wyld Web Designs store at Daydreamer Design Works, or either or our stores at Gingerscraps. Each piece (excluding the bundle) is 20% off through Nov 24.

Check out some cute layouts from my CT!

Layout by Lisa

Layout by Irma

Layout by Adriana

Also, Gingerscraps is having a Designer Call!

Don't forget to sign up as a fan on my Facebook Fan page to receive exclusive freebies and sales.

For being a loyal reader, my CT member Monica has created a freebie QP for you, using Just Married!

and we love when you leave love!


Your Daily Speed Scrap Appointment!

Hi Girls!!! It's Irma here!

Hope you all had a Wonderful weekend!!!
It's my turn again to invite you to join us over at Gingerscrap for some super fun Speed Scrap!
This week appointment are...

Tues Nov 17 - Julie
10am PST
11am MST
12pm CST
1pm EST
7pm CET

Wed Nov 18 - Jodi
4pm PST
5pm MST
6pm CST
7pm EST
1am next day CET

Thurs Nov 19 - Laura/Char
9pm PST
10pm MST
11pm CST
12am next day EST
6am next day CET

Sat Nov 21 - Lorry
11am PST
12pm MST
1pm CST
2pm EST
8pm CET

Sun Nov 22 - Jillian
12pm PST
1pm MST
2pm CST
3pm EST
9pm CET

So don't miss the fun... and happy scrapping!!!


Etsy Sunday!

It's Monica here again with another Etsy Sunday. But first, we have some great stuff going on and a little birdie told me that there is more great stuff to come this week!!!

Misty has some new QP albums that her CTs have made. They are available at Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps.

Here are the previews:

First up, Jane of Little Red Scraps has made an amazing 10 page brag book for you using Misty's Fort Wilderness. Look an how beautiful this is!

Next up is a set of 8-12 x 12 QP's from Adriana using Misty's In the Emerald Spotlight kit. WOW!

And last, there are the QP's from me using Misty's In the Purple Spotlight.

So now that we got that stuff out of the way, we get to see some AMAZING things from Etsy!

This first item is from stampshandmadeforyou. You can get personalized self-ink stamps custom made! This is GREAT if you are a hybrid scrapper, scrap-for-hire, or a card maker. You can get anything made with these. I love them!!!

This adorable skirt from LittleMissyMe is my next find. I love it!

Finally, I am bringing you a corn cob pen. Yep, you heard me. This cool pen made out of a corn cob is just one of the fun things you can get at EbsensPens.

Thanks for spending some of your Sunday with me. If you find something cool at Etsy, leave a comment so that I can check it out!


Today Only - Earn a free Raffle Entry!

Today only!

For every $6.00 worth of products you purchase at MY store at Gingerscraps, all proceeds will be donated to my friend Beth's Surviving Cervical Cancer fund. Your $6.00 purchase will also get you a free entry to Beth's raffle!

Check out her blog for the awesome prizes you can choose from! Just spend $6.00 in my store and then go leave a comment on Beth's blog for the item you want to win!

Your entry for the raffle will only be valid for today and you must put a note in the entry that you are a Misty O'Brien fan. Don't forget to include your email address too.

Click here to go to Gingerscraps

Then click here to go to Beth's Surviving Cervical Cancer blog


Friday Freebie once again!

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! I hope everyone had an awesome week. Today's Friday Freebie is compliments of CT Member Adriana! It comes from Misty's Its 5 O'Clock Somewhere kit which is available right now at Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps!!

And it's this GORGEOUS Word Art!

Head on over to 4shared right now to pick it up! And don't forget to go by Adriana's Cafe to leave her a little love!!

Happy Friday and Happy Scrapping everyone!


Tuesday Trivia Winner!

So I gave you all a little longer to comment...and I got 3 comments! So I numbered them 1,2, and 3 and ran them through and number #3 wins! So Congrats Trina! So Trina if you email me at I will email you your prize!! And Sara email me too so I can get you your $1 gift card to Misty's Store..and Drica thanks for playing with us..hehe!! Thanks so much for playing ladies!


Another Edition of Thankful Thursday!!

Hi Everyone! I am here with some more layout highlights using Misty's kits. I have found some fantastic layouts to show you, too!!

Madscrapper created this beautiful layout using Misty's Romantical kit. This kit is 20% off right now and you can purchase it at Gingerscraps for $4.00. She also used one of Misty's Restoration template sets. Those can also be purchased at Gingerscraps for just $3.00.
Next up is this fantastic layout by dricamendes. She created this using Misty's Beachy is Peachy kit. It can be purchased at either Gingerscraps or Stuff to Scrap for just $4.00!
And finally this very cute layout created by *Angie*. This layout was created with Misty's Fort Wilderness Kit. It is available at Stuff to Scrap and Gingerscraps for $5.And speaking of Fort Wilderness....don't forget Jane has created this awesome brag book page set using this kit. It is available at Gingerscraps and is 20% off right now, so you can get it for just $2.00!
Also, don't forget about these fantastic glitters that Misty has just released that coordinate with Miss Erin's kit Halloween Town. They are just $2.00 right now at Gingerscraps.

Remember to get your layouts using Misty's products uploaded to Gingerscraps or Stuff to Scrap. We love to see what you create and would love to highlight your layout sometime!!


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