Word on the Street!

Welcome to Gingerscraps' first ever Word on the Street Game!

Here's how it works:
Somewhere on this blog I have hidden a secret letter and you have to find it! This letter makes part of a secret word. Find the letter on my blog and continue to the next blog on the train to get the next letter, and the next and the next! When you get to the end of the train, you will have a complete word. Enter that word into the search engine at Gingerscraps shop and it will turn up a special selection of products that are at a SUPER sale price! Are you ready?

Here is a hint...although this letter is hidden, it will stand out from the rest. Look carefully at my blog, put your mind to the test!

Get out a pen and some paper!

Once you are ready, continue on to Miss Erin Scraps' blog

Please note that Gingerscraps team members come from far and wide! There may be differences in time zones. Please be patient if someone does not have their letter posted yet.
Thanks for playing!!

Angie  – (November 6, 2009 at 11:18 AM)  

Thanks Misty!! I am have a blast hunting!!

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