It's TCD saturday again? WOW, those two weeks went by really fast!
Today we have our sweet Monica and her cute daughter... isn't she adorable?!
Let's meet them!
Made with Just Married

NAME: Monica

MARRIED TO: My wonderful husband for the past 9 years.
MOM TO: 18 month old Emma

1 - How long have you been digi-scrapping?
5 months.

2 - Are you a scrapper, designer or both?
Strictly scrapper.

3 - How many hours a week (on average) do you spend scrapping?
As many as I can. I have been trying to scrap about one page every few days. Life generally gets in the way... I probably actually scrap 3-5 hours a week max.

5 things you love:
1. My family 2. My job (Chemistry teacher) 3. Chocolate 4. My kitty Einstein 5. Spending time with friends.

5 things that bother you:
1. People who tap on tables 2. People who click pens 3. Parents who think their kids do nothing wrong and that the teacher is never right. 4. Stepping on toys in the dark. 5. My cat who thinks that we should wake at 6 am every weekend morning.

Made with Just Married

To know more about Monica visit her blog!

Have a great scrapping day.
See you again in two weeks!

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