"Off Topic" Sunday!

Monica here for the first installment of "Off Topic" Sunday. First, I have to remind everyone about the sale at Stuff to Scrap for 30% off of 5 O'Clock Somewhere! This is a really fun kit with great colors. Here's a preview.

A few weeks ago, a blog that I follow started to show some awesome Etsy crafts. I love looking at what she finds and thought it would be fun here too. For those who are not familiar, Etsy is a site for people who make handmade items to sell those items. There's things from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. There are tons of gorgeous items available.

Our first fabulous Etsy find is from Anne More Jewelry.

This beautiful bracelet is only $23 dollars. It's sterling silver with two small garnets.

Next up is this $22 adorable reversible bib. I love those cute owls! You can get this from hizandherz!

And last for today is an amazing watercolor by bigapple60.


I hope you enjoyed our first edition of Etsy finds. Please leave comments if you enjoyed this!

Misty  – (October 25, 2009 at 2:10 PM)  

I enjoyed!! Thanks for the post, and thanks for featuring Anne :)

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