Calling all designers!!

I am putting together a Charity kit together for a friend of mine Beth, she is also on Misty's CT:
The other day, Beth found out that she has cervical cancer. Again. At this point, we know that the cancer is "aggressive." She is a young mother with two young children (3yr old and 9months old) and that alone is a lot for anyone to handle. I would like to help take away the stress of paying for her bills. That is the last thing she should have to focus on. Beth was talking about making some freebies on her blog in exchange for donations to help with the medical bills. So I told her I would like to put together a charity kit, to help out. So I know that we have some wonderful designers out there that helped me once before with another charity kit we did. So I am calling on you all again!! Also any stores that would help buying letting me put it in there store. I would like the profits to go to Beth to help with her medical bills, so she does not have to stress so much over that!! So if you would like to help out I would so love that!! Just email me (Angie) at and I will get you the info!! So come on girls I know that you all have big hearts!! So Please email me!!!
Thanks Misty for letting me post this on your blog!!

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