Mojo-A-Go-Go Mondays

Time for your weekly GingerScraps speed scrap reminder!

I don't have an invite made up this week. Sorry about that. But we're still having speed scraps!

Join us tomorrow at 9 PM PDT, which is 10 PM MDT, 11 PM CDT and 12 midnight EDT.

Make a note of the times for the rest of the week, too, 'cause I won't be around to remind you!

Tues Sept 1
5pm PDT
6pm MDT
7pm CDT
8pm EDT
2am next day CEST

Wed Sept 2
4pm PDT
5pm MDT
6pm CDT
7pm EDT
1am next day CEST

Thurs Sept 3
9pm PDT
10pm MDT
11pm CDT
12am EDT
6am next day CEST

Fri Sept 4
1pm PDT
2pm MDT
3pm CDT
4pm EDT
10pm CEST

Sat Sept 5
12pm PDT
1pm MDT
2pm CDT
3pm EDT
9pm CEST

Sun Sept 6
12pm PDT
1pm MDT
2pm CDT
3pm EDT
9pm CEST

I hope to see you at at least ONE of these. Can you do it? Give it a shot!
That's all, folks!
Jane (Again)

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