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Erin of Miss Erin's Scraps has awarded me a blog award! Erin is a very talented designer who is retiring very soon and I am sad to see her go :( Thank you Erin for this wonderful award.

This little gem requires that I list 10 things about myself and pass it on to 9 other deserving people.

1. I am joining the 365 craze this year. Like Erin, I didn't know it even existed until the middle of January last year. Lindsay (of Spinky Dink Scraps) and I are going to be releasing a 365 collab kit in a couple weeks too!

2. I absolutely love photography. I am excited to upgrade my 2 year old Sony for a Canon SLR. I am even considering turning that love of photos into a career someday.

3. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two toddler sons. We love this area of the country and vacationing to the coast is always fun.

4. DH and I are planning our honeymoon, a cruise. We were married almost 4 years ago on the beach in Newport, Oregon but never had an official honeymoon.

5. My favorite restaurant of all time is The Melting Pot. We are huge fans of fondue.

6. I really thought the whole Kindle trend was lame at first but I've since warmed up and am sort of hoping to get one. I love to read but am wondering if I would miss turning pages in a book.

7. Someday we want a third child. Maybe in a few years but I have always had a wish to be done having kids at 30. I think I'll push it out to 31. lol

8. I love Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus. I can't believe how much you can sweat doing some of the exercises.

9. On Jan 1st, I ordered NutriSystem through QVC. I need a jumpstart to lose this lingering baby weight, crossing my fingers it works.

10. I won't be attending my 10 year high school reunion this summer. That's what facebook is for right?

Now onto nominating 9 lovely ladies (their names are linked)....

1. Little Red Scraps - Jane has been a great CT lead and she's also a designer. I am really thankful to have her on my team.

2. Lisa Marie Designs - Lisa is one of the most dedicated CT members ever. She is a worker bee! She is also designing and her blog is fabulous.

3. NibblesSkribbles - Manda is a very creative designer, always coming up with some really cute kits or templates, and she works so very hard to help Nicole with the Stuff to Scrap store and forum. She is a sweetie too.

4. Digi Designs by Nicole - Nicole works so hard, I am so impressed with her dedication to the Stuff to Scrap site, the members, the designers, and the CT. She is really amazing and she's a fab designer too!

5. Scrappy Cocoa - Steph is one of the best. She was one of the first designers that I CT'd for and I had so much fun. Her designs are fresh and original and in real life, we have alot in common.

6. SpinkyDinkScraps - When I first started designing and joined Gingerscraps, Lindsay was a designer that inspired me. She is incredibly talented and I love that she made my fan and CT blinkies! She also makes beautiful CU items and glitter. She's multi talented on so many levels.

7. Wyld Web Designs - Char has been a great scrap friend and she's also an inspiring designer. Together with Jen of Graham Like the Cracker, they have built a little scrap empire over at Gingerscraps.

8. GingerScraps - Ginger took a chance on me and brought me onto her CT and signed me up as a designer. I have been with her for just over a year now. Ginger has been working hard to make the store and forum amazing and she's also been a wonderful friend.

9. The rest of my CT - Adriana, Dana, Marie, Christie Dawn, Irma, Sharon, Monica - all of these girls have been model CT members. I love their LOs, I love their loyalty, and I love that they make this blog function. I am so lucky to have them all.

GingerScraps  – (January 2, 2010 at 1:14 PM)  

Awe thank Misty :) These little awards are so fun! :)Luv you girly

Adriana  – (January 3, 2010 at 9:33 AM)  

Thank you Misty, you are an awesome person!
I [heart] you!

Stef  – (January 14, 2010 at 5:27 AM)  

BTW-if you get a Kindle...you will LOVE it! IMO, mine is worth it's weight in gold. It has more than paid itself in the savings on books I'd be buying at the bookstore. I even have the older model, and I still love it. I hear the new one is even better.

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