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Hey everyone! It's Amanda bringing you this month's Facebook Fan Spotlight! This month the random generator gave me Mandy Ducharme and boy was she excited! She's been a fan of Misty's for a while.

So, here's Mandy!

1. How long have you been digi scrapping?

I've been digi scrapping for about 3 years now and designing for 1 year. I have given up paper scrapping all together... although this hasn't stopped me from buying pretty paper when I find it... it's kind of a sickness I have.

2. How did you discover Misty's designs?

I found Misty at GS while I was hanging out... before I was a GBLady.... I always thought her kits were fun and fresh... and inspiring. It helps that she has a creative team that make the most beautiful LO's. Any time I get into a scrapping block I stalk her gallery... I'm always sure to find some inspiration!

3. Other than Misty, which other designers are you a fan of?

That's a tricky one... I don't stray far from GS... so I'd have to say any of the designers at GS... they are a fabulous group of ladies that are so friendly and inspiring.... I love creating collabs with this group of designers, the kits are always fabulous!

4. What is your favorite kit of Misty's?

I am loving her Everyday Happenings 365 Kit!! Even though I'm not doing a 365 project, this kit will work for just about any LO!! And that I love.

5. Are you participating in project 365/52/12?

You know what... I'm not BUT I do hope to next year... this is something I wish I would have done for my kids when they were young!

6. What's the one scrapbooking item you can't live without?

I love texture... textured papers, ribbons and lots of flowers!!!!

7. Tell us a little about yourself - spouse, family, job, where you're from...

I am a mommy of two girls, Julie (11) and Kelsey (15) and a partner to Mark (going on 20 years). We live on an acreage in Alberta Canada. We are also in the middle of building our own house OURSELVES! Crazy I know! During the day I am a school bus driver, mostly so I can stalk... errr I mean spend time with my kids:)

8. Do you have a blog we can feature?

My bloggidy is http://mandymadedigibits.blogspot.com/

9. Do you have any pets?

We have 4 horses, 4 dogs, and 3 cats:)

10. What's your favorite book?

This is tricky... it really depends on my mood. I really liked The Book Of Negroes, Lovely Bones, My Sisters Keeper, The Incident of the dog in the night time, ohhh my all time fav are the Clan Of The Cave Bear Series!!! Wow it's been years since I've read those... I should dig those out!

I'm always up for some book suggestions... I've hit a dry spell even though I have 3 books on the go... The most read book around the house this week is Photoshop CS3 For Dummies!

Anyways I have to say I love Misty's stuff... I am a big fan and always waiting to see what she comes up with next!

Thanks Mandy for letting us get to know you a little better!

Make sure that you leave her some love here or check out her blog to leave some love!

Alright everyone, until next time happy scrapping!

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