Hello everybody, Adriana here with another diva!
Today we have lovely Irma!
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NAME: Irma (Gabbina all over the digi places)
LOCATION: Udine, Italy. (to make it more clear, i'm 1 hour far from Venice...)

MARRIED TO: None. Not planning either. But I have the best boyfriend ever, Piero. He's my soulmate.
MOM TO: I have no children... but a lovely dog.

1 - How long have you been digi-scrapping?
Since 8 months. I've been a traditional scrapper since a few years.

2 - Are you a scrapper, designer or both?
Just Scrapper.

3 - How many hours a week (on average) do you spend scrapping?
It depends. If I don't have to work or go out, during the day I can scrap even 4,5 hours per day... that makes a lot of time in a week... But sometimes I have too many things to do I don't even check my email for days.

5 things you love:
My Boyfriend, my doggy, travelling, chocolate, Christmas and WHITE Christmas.

5 things that bother you:
Waiting, superficiality, people that think to be better than you just cause they look better in a fancy dress, people that judge you without knowing you and rain.

Made with Just Married

To know more about Irma visit her blog!

Have a great scrapping day.
See you again in two weeks!

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