Funky Playground Designs is having a Creative Team Call
for the Sandbox Crew and the Playground Peeps

Both teams require a three month commitment (from Oct 1 to Dec 31)
and require you to be actively involved in our community on a weekly basis

Sandbox Crew

The Sandbox Crew's objective is to market FPD mainly via the creation and display of layouts on the FPD site and throughout the digital scrapbooking community at large. They are also responsible for maintaining the store blog under the supervision of our CT Leader. The Sandbox Crew's requirements are:
  • 2 posts on the FPD blog per month
  • a minimum of 3 layouts per month with 100% FPD product, as follows:
    • 1 layout with the store collab (pre-release)
    • 1 layout for the new release blog post
    • 1 layout for an offsite challenge

Playground Peeps

The Playground Peep's objective is to market FPD by engaging digital scrapbookers via inspirational activities on the FPD site, as well as promoting FPD offsite via social media, blogging and posting at the major digiscrapbooking forums. The Playground Peeps' requirements are:
  • Host 1 playground challenge per month
  • co-host one speed scrap/chat per three month period (total, NOT per month)
  • Advertise all store-wide sales and promotions via blog, twitter, facebook, etc. as well as in digiscrap related communities where allowed and appropriate. The goal is 1 promo per week in addition to any required promo for challenges you are hosting.
  • 1 layout with the store collab (pre-release)

Additional Information/FAQs

“Being active” means that we expect you to be chatty in the FPD forums (public and private), comment in the gallery, make LOTW suggestions, participate in site activities etc. We won’t specifically be tracking these things, but we do notice them and team members who are involved will be more likely to be invited back to the team for an additional three month term.

“100% FPD product”
means that you must use only current FPD products on your layouts. You are also welcome to use CU products or fonts that don’t require you to provide credit.
Any layouts that you create as a member of either the Sandbox Crew or Playground Peeps must be posted within ONE WEEK of product download to all of the following places:
  • The designer’s FPD gallery with a link to the product
  • Your choice of DSA, DST or MSA with a link to the product AND you must either post the layout in that site’s praise game or post the product in that site’s CTM enabling thread
  • 1 additional gallery of your choice which allows linking to the product
  • 1 of your personal accounts (blog, twitter, FB, flickr etc) with a link to product or to the layout (as long as the layout has linked credits)
  • The layout tracking thread in the FPD forum
Yes, you are absolutely welcome to make more than the required number of layouts provided you have completed your other layout requirements.
An "offsite challenge" means a challenge hosted on a site other than FPD that would allow you to participate in their challenge by creating a layout using 100% FPD product. 

Site Blog Posts are typically one of the following topics and you are allowed to sign up for dates/topics that work for you from our schedule. 
  • Layout of the Week & Gallery Standouts
  • New Products & Sample Layouts
  • Monthly Desktop Freebie
  • Store Collab Feature
We have a challenge sign up where you are allowed to choose the dates/themes that work for you. Hosting a challenge involves:
  • preparing & posting the challenge instructions and a sample layout
  • advertising your challenge offsite in appropriate forums and social media
  • leaving meaningful comments on the participants’ layouts & on your forum thread
  • distributing the prize to a random winner at the close of the challenge
Speed Scrap/Chat co-hosts are allowed to select the date and time for their chat so long as it does not conflict with other events on the site. Each co-host must attend the actual chat, but are otherwise allowed to divide up the actual work however they see fit. The CT leader will assist you in securing prize donations from our designers. Hosting a speed scrap typically involves:
  • preparing the instructions
  • advertising the chat before hand, on & offsite
  • hosting the actual chat (providing instructions & chatter to attendees)
  • leaving meaningful comments on the participants’ layouts
  • distributing prizes at the close of the challenge


Send an email to funkyplaygroundcalls@gmail.com

Send an email to funkyplaygroundcalls@gmail.com

In your email, please include:
your real name
a little background information about yourself
why you think you would be a good fit for the team for which you are applying
what other creative teams you are currently on
the username that you typically use in digiscrap forums
a link to your gallery that best represents your current scrapping style
a link to your blog
a link to your twitter account

Call ends September 28

All applicants will receive a response

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