The Creative Diva for June!!!

Hola a todos!, Ciao a tutti!, Hello everybody!!!!!! Wendy here!

We are already finishing june, a very special month for me and specially this year! Yes! Because in some days i will be 30 years old!! And I’am extremly happy with God and with life for giving me so much blessings and amazing things!

I was born in Lima, Peru and since 2003 i live in Rome, Italy with my husband and my two adorable girls, Stefania(6 ½) and Nicole(5)and for them I’am a mom 100%.

Wendy: so Wendy now share with us a little more about you...

1.- How long have you been digiscrapping?

I began to digiscrap since march 2005 I found a great site who offer a trial version of their program to digiscrap and I try it and love it! But I’am just a scrapper!

2.- How many hours a week do you spend scrapping?

Like 3 or 4 hours a week

3.-- Which programs do you use to make your layouts?

I began with scapbookmax and now i used just Swift publisher 2 for mac

4.-How would you describe your scrapping style?

Well i just say that i love to do simple pages where you can appreciate the embies, alphas, picture, etc.

5.- What's the one scrapbooking item you can't live without?

Doddles and alphas.

6.-What is the theme of most of your pages?

My family and friends.

7.- In Italy the digiscrap community is pretty big?

Well, is not so big like in the States, but is growing up. It looks like digiscrap is taking a special part in some women’s life and also we have some interesting web sites of it!

8.- What is your Misty's favorite product?

Tweet, Tweet! but if i can i love to mix a little piece of each kit!

Here some of my favorite pages!

Sis wedding I used the "Elegant Azure"

Gp & Wen I used the Tweet, Tweet!

Misty  – (June 23, 2010 at 6:13 PM)  

Loved learning more about you, Wendy!

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