Facebook Fan Feature!!

Today's Facebook Fan Feature is Glenda!!
Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Glenda. I live in Washington State and have most of my life! I have BIG dreams of living in Alabama though! I have 3 great kids. I work full time at a local hotel as a front desk manager. I will be returning to school Spring quarter, so life is going to be getting REALLY busy. I am aiming to get into Pharmacy School at the University of Washington. There will always be time for scrappin....

Do you have a blog we can feature?

What are some of your favorite websites (other than scrap sites)?
FACEBOOK for sure, I would die without it ;) other than scrapping and facebook, I do not do much else online!

What's your favorite movie?

I have lots of favorites, I like to watch love story ones over and over.

What's your favorite book?
Well, not much of a reader, as you can see I am super busy.... I did LOVE the Twilight series. The only book I have read more than once is My Sweet Audrina by VC Andrews....when I was 14 ;)

How long have you been digi scrapping?
For about a year and a half

How did you discover Misty's designs?
I am Scrappy Cocoa's CT, so while hanging at GingerScraps I saw her having a ONE KIT CALL....so I jumped on that! Been a fan ever since!
Which programs do you use to make your layouts?
Mostly PSE7, I do use PS6 sometimes, I have PSP and having been meaning to get the hang of it too!!

What is your favorite kit of Misty's?
I LOVE her "In The Spotlight" series!!! ALL OF THEM!!!! I love doing monochromatic layouts!
What's the one scrapbooking item you can't live without?
Well I go through phases....I am a big string user. I need some sort of a fastner in a kit. I really am not a fan of buttons!

***Make sure to stop by Glenda's blog and say Hi to her sometime!! She always has some kind of freebie on there! And I know she dabbles a little in design, so I know she has some really good freebies!!**

If YOU would like to be our "Facebook Fan Feature" one day...you'll need to first become a Fan of Misty's on FACEBOOK!! You can do that by clicking here and clicking become a fan! And the last time I check we were only 8 Fans away from 200...which means...when we reach 200 Misty will give away a FREE never before seen kit!! So get on Facebook and become a fan NOW! :)

Trina  – (February 8, 2010 at 12:18 PM)  

This is so fun - I love how you feature different people! :) Now I have another blog to add to my list! THANKS :)

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