The Creative Divas!!

Hello Everyone! I am here with another fantastic creative diva to introduce you to today!! This is the amazing Adriana!!
(Made with Everyday Happenings by Misty O'Brien Designs and Spinky Dink Scraps)
Adriana is know as dricamendes throughout the scrapping world.

How long have you been digiscrapping?

Since May 2009

What is one scrap item you can't live without?

Humm... paper! I love some glitter and stitches too!!!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right here where I am! I'm happy and content with my life right now, why change?! ;)

What are your other hobbies besides scrapping?

Photography and cooking

What is your favorite kit of Misty's?

That is a very easy question!

I'm always in love with the newest kit, so until the new release my favorite is Everyday Happenings! LOL!

What is your favorite layout using one of Misty's Kits?

It's Photography, made with Everyday Happenings. In that page I put together my passions for photography and my daughter.
If you want to see some more of Adriana's fantastic work check out her blog at You will LOVE seeing her amazing layouts!!!
Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!!

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